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An Update About Restarting Services


Hello Grace Community Bible Church, We miss seeing you all, and we greatly look forward to being back together again. In the midst of our time being apart from one another, it has been encouraging hearing stories of God's faithfulness in your own lives. The Lord has grown us all through this season and will continue to do so as we seek to n...

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The Plagues of Church History


With all of the media attention and information surrounding the coronavirus, we may sometimes be led to believe that we as Christians are pioneering a new frontier. The church certainly is not in a position of normalcy. You might have thought to yourself before, has the church ever been in a situation quite like this? What would the apostle Paul, Martin Luther, or John C...

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Decision Making & "I Have Peace About It"...


Eric Davis, at The Cripplegate blog, has written an excellent piece on guidance. Many in the church today are quick to base their decisions on whether they experience peace, while that is not a true test of God's will. Please check out his post here... Pastor Michael...

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When Bad Things Happen to God's People


When Bad Things Happen to God's People - by Chad Coley. This past week there was another school shooting. This one is different in that the shooter made his murderous rampage very specific. He asked his victims about their faith. If they said there were Christians, then he shot them in the head. This isn't the first act of violence against the followers of Christ, and it ...

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Why are we elder led?

Church Government: What are the various forms, and why are we elder led? Question: Can you help me? I grew up in a church where the congregation voted on all the major decisions. Then I went to a church with a Presbyterian form of government. Now I go to a church where the elders make the big decisions. What are the different views of church government and why are we elde...

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