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Grace Community Bible Church is focused on the verse-by-verse (expository) teaching through the Bible, stressing both corporate and individual study of Scripture, in order to help each believer mature in the knowledge of God and understanding of the faith (Eph 4:11-16).   


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Blessed Assurance

If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Scriptures are clear that the Lord desires for you to have assurance concerning your salvation. Put differently, if you belong to Him, He wants you to be confident in that reality. We

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Glory in the Garden

I believe that Jesus’ placement in the garden is an intentional, providential, God-inspired, connection back to the garden of Eden (cf. 2 Tim 3:16–17. Jesus rises from the dead as the greater Adam who succeeded where Adam failed, an

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Well Done

From Vanity Fair to "Well Done"

If you want to survive… if you want to thrive spiritually in the midst of Vanity Fair, amid this world, Bunyan, building upon the logic of Scripture, gives you seven lessons of faithfulness that show you how to successfully navigate t

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