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Grace Community Bible Church is focused on the verse-by-verse (expository) teaching through the Bible, stressing both corporate and individual study of Scripture, in order to help each believer mature in the knowledge of God and understanding of the faith (Eph 4:11-16).   


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HR 6090

H. R. 6090 and the Obfuscation of the Truth

In a day and age where history books are being rewritten on a mass scale, and where all too many advocate that your truth, my truth, it’s anybody's truth, it is unsurprising that through new legislation there is a direct attack on the

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Church Hopping 2

Church Shopping, Hopping, and Should It Be Stopping?

If you lived 2000 years ago and were in the city of Corinth, you didn’t have 800 churches around you to choose from like you do today in Austin, Texas. Now, I am not trying to say that all 800 are true churches or that all churches ar

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Why is Good Friday Good

Why is Good Friday... "Good"?

Have you ever wondered when people began to call Good Friday “good”? There are many adjectives to choose from, so how did we land there? It could have, theoretically been called, “Tragic Friday,” “Suffering Friday,” “Dark

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